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Puppy Patters and handlers.

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News From Logan Hill Farm
  January 27, 2015

Although my husband and I have decided to no longer breed dogs here at Logan Hill Farm. We have bred our Miss Claris with a standard poodle from Red Barn doodles.  We have had a long relationship with this family and they really do a great job breeding doodles.  They have 4 children who are still young and at home so the dogs and puppies get lots of handling.

Miss Claris is due February 14, 2016 with 10 puppies.  They are so cute on the sonogram.  Red Barn doodles will whelp the litter; which means that Claris will be going to their farm in one week to have her pups with them.  If you wish to get one of these puppies you need to contact them:
They are just south of Columbus Ohio.

Miss Claris more info on Mom's page.

Lucy AKA Maggie & Sadie are already at Red Barn Doodles.
www.redbarndoodles.com I can't make this a link so just copy and paste onto the bar up top.Look what Miss Sadie just had!!!
She has 9 beautiful Standard Goldendoodles.  Red Barn doodles has also another litter with a Golden.  Contact them if you are interested in  Standard Goldendoodle.  Miss Sadie, we are so proud of you.  You are a great mom!!!!

McDoogle is enjoying her retirement!!

She is so loved and bring joy where ever she goes.

Misty is at Snow Dogs in Wisconsin.  She joins her sister Nova and Brother Sampson.  Go to their website if you are interested in a beautiful champion English Golden Retriever:   StrikeGolden.com  Or contact Teresa DesLauiers  snowdogs@centurylink.net 

Bonny is at her new home.  She has a 10 year old boy to look after.  Her home is great for her.  Pic's on the Moms page. 

Preston is retired and at a new home since Friday. He is loved and has his own family but I still miss him.  He has a wonderful home.

Calvin is in Austin with our daughter.  He is king of the castle and having a great time running all the people around his schedule.

Standard Golden Doodles: 

These dogs get large.  60 lbs minimum to 75 lbs. on Average.  We have some 90lb males out there.  They can be more curly or wavy but always less shed than mother or no shed at all.

***Standard English goldendoodles-
 These were our Standard English Goldendoodles babies, 5.5 weeks old! 
These are 
from Ivy, Blair's daughter.


Preston (retired father of Standard Goldendoodles) & Simon ( retired father of previous mini-goldendoodles) fresh from the groomers.  We clean up nice, don't you think???

These are Mini-English Goldendoodles.

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