We are no longer breeding Goldendoodles.

Our female breeding English Golden Retrievers are with other breeders.

Lucy and Sadie are at - www.RedBarnDoodles.com  They breed Goldendoodles.

Misty is at - strikegolden.com They breed purebred Champion English Cream Golden Retrievers.

We still have Paxton.
Thank you for all the wonderful feedback.  We have been breeding for 10 years and have met so many wonderful families.  Thank you for giving our babies such wonderful homes and making us a part of your family.

We started with Blair & Heidi and Marley.

We will still have plenty of dogs here at Logan Hill but maybe now have a bit more time to do other things.

Again, I am grateful to be part of so many wonderful families;

Thank you, GWEN
Logan Hill Farm
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Courtney and Gem's mini-doodles 

         Cooper and his best friend - then.
And now the most recent.  They have grown!!

Logan Hill Farm
4172 York Street
Farmdale, OH 44417


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Please take the time to read this website! We are no longer breeding Dogs.

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